Amanda MacArthur is a speaker, author and professional blogger specializing in business marketing, technology, small business management, and restaurant development. She has been hired to teach social media strategy, content development and search engine optimization to media companies across the country and her marketing programs have been taught all over the world. 

Amanda is currently a founding partner at BuzzFarmers, an audience development company in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Amanda is not currently accepting any new clients. To discuss possible future projects, please send an email to amanda (at) buzzfarmers (dot) com or send a friendly tweet to @amaaanda.

Increase Email Open Rates by 125% – Produce Phenomenal Content

If you think email is dying, you’re just doing it wrong.

You’re a superhero. You’ve got the villain right where you want him. You’ll save the world, rid it forever of this foul knave, usher in an era of peace and prosperity, if you would just use your superpowers to put him away. Your moment of

Freebie Friday: Organic Audience Development Strategy Handbook

This handbook takes you from the big picture of building an audience to the minute but critical details website architecture that helps you build email lists. You’ll learn how the most successful publishers optimize entire sites for Google, from picking keywords to writing optimized content.

The Other Algorithm: How Facebook Determines Your Visibility

For the longest time, Google was the main algorithm on our minds. We’d write blog posts, optimize them the best we could, and then hope and pray to the Internet deities that our blog posts would show up favorably in search.

It might not seem like Facebook is the type of place that requires a fancy algorithm, but the days of posting whatever you want and getting it seen by everybody who “likes” your page are gone.

The Art of Content Recycling in Multiplatform Publishing

Many platforms for every publisher
When you recycle a can or plastic bottle, you can wait and listen to the sound of the machine crushing the can. It’s almost as if the nickel it spits back at you came from the can itself.

When you recycle a magazine into apps, blog posts, videos, emails and events it

Freebie Friday: Discover The 9 Most Profitable Subscription Website Business Models

Like any other business, subscription website publishing relies on getting your website taxonomy exactly right. Information architecture isn’t easy to understand – people earn special college degrees in order to grasp it! But subscription websites are different from ecommerce, event, retail, or a dozen other kinds of websites. And you simply can’t learn about subscription website taxonomy from those.