3 Good Excuses for Using an iPad RAM Mount in Your Car

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If I told you that I had a mount next to my car steering wheel that housed my iPad, what would you say? I’m guessing you’d be impressed for half a second, before responding with something like.. “wait.. what?” Then maybe something accusatory about how dangerous it is to watch Netflix and drive.

I’d of course come back at you with some kind of excuse about how I’m really into Season One of “Weeds”, my boyfriend refuses to watch it at home, and by the way, I have such a long commute to work anyway. Bo-ring.

Ok, so now imagine that this is all totally illegal, so instead I’ve prepared ahead and thought up some great excuses that will surely explain away the sweet new iPad RAM Mount in my car (which by the way, you’re still totally jealous of):

Awesome excuse for a RAM Mount #1: My iPod is simply not flashy enough. Really, I’m only listening to music on this thing while I drive. How will other drivers know I own an iPad that syncs wirelessly with Bluetooth unless they see the glow of it at night.

Awesome excuse for a RAM Mount #2: Most built in GPS systems are almost as big as an iPad, so what’s the difference? Try holding up an iPhone while driving and trying to follow the blue ball in Google Maps while weaving in and out of traffic.

Awesome excuse for a RAM Mount #3: I have kids? Nieces and nephews? Neighborhood children? Either way, they all want to ride with me and need to be constantly entertained while driving to and from the grocery store. When we get there, I’ll just dismount the iPad, plop the kiddos in a carriage, and if I’m lucky, they won’t make a peep when we pass the cookie aisle.

In all seriousness, there’s no easy way to explain away why you’d ever need an iPad mounted in your car, especially in the middle console or on the dashboard, but iPad Ram Mounts come out July 6th and they sure make you look cool.

Oh.. and if you’re on a boat. Also a good reason to have one. Hope you got the 3G model!

Photo Credit: Ram-Mount.com

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