ClamCase Turns Your iPad into a Laptop

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In our Apple Keyboard Dock for the iPad Review, we showed you the pros and cons of using a docked keyboard. More importantly, we noted that “the major frustration with the keyboard is that the dock that the iPad sits on sticks out like a sore thumb, preventing it from fitting in most cases well.”

Another complaint from users about the iPad in general is that they don’t feel it can replace their laptop.


In comes ClamCase. Coming in Fall 2010, this innovative new product (patent pending) will include an all-in-one keyboard and case, making your iPad look pretty identical to a laptop.

There are three main components to this stylish Frankenstein design:

A bluetooth keyboard, which connects via Bluetooth, so you can still continue to use the dock connector to charge your iPad.

The 360 Degree Flip Case has a grippy rubberized exterior so that you can keep it in your hands and not on the floor, and has a “closed” position so that it doesn’t open accidentally during travel.

The Infinity Stand makes it easy to use as either a laptop, or flipped like a tablet.

Here’s where I can see the ClamCase coming in most conveniently:


Storage: Just clap it together like a laptop and get going. If you don’t want to disconnect it and prefer to keep everything together, you can do it. It’s designed to easily fold up in case you want to hold it in your hands the normal way as well.

Typing: This is just a benefit of having a keyboard in general, but have you tried using one of those tiny Apple bluetooth keyboards? Trying to fit two hands on that keyboard is like trying to shove your fist into a pickle jar.

Watching Movies: If you’ve tried watching your Netflix movies on an iPad, even with a stand-up case, you know how it is. It tips… it rocks… and you’re usually holding it up in one way or another.

Ever had that problem with a laptop? Not so much, because you have control over the angle of the screen, and the base gives you leverage. Add a new and improved paid subscription to Hulu, and you’re looking at carpal tunnel without something that’ll hold up the iPad a little more securely.

The ClamCase website is not exactly a wealth of knowledge, but it does say that the case comes out in Fall 2010 and in any case it’s got to be better than this contraption:

Source: YouTube & Engadget

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