About Amanda MacArthur

Hey There,

I’m not sure how you got here, but I’m glad you landed. You must be looking for some quality information about me, and the work I do so that you can decide quickly if I’m what you’re looking for.

What I Used To Do

I’ve spent my entire adult career making other companies look good on the web.

First I was creating promotional emails for companies like MGM, Xerox, FilmFour and CheapTickets.com through eDialog, a leading email service provider.  Next, I was doing design and promotional work for one of the leading publishers of best-practice handbooks and events, MarketingSherpa.

After being fully schooled in online marketing and design best practices, I settled into several roles at Mequoda, the first best-practices company geared specifically toward magazine, newsletter and blog publishers.

At Mequoda, I was the online marketing queen bee, writing over 500 best-practice articles, dozens of salesletters and landing pages and developing all social media efforts along.

I’ve taught a few 90-minute webinars and have been invited to speak at a few conferences on the topic of social media.

What I’m Doing Now

If you ask me what other people would consider me an authority in, I’d tell you that it’s content marketing and audience development.

To be more specific, I can write content, get it found in search engines, and I can market the crap out of it on the web with social media. I’ve been teaching others how to do this for well over four years, even longer than most of the established gurus out there that you’ve already heard of.

I’m currently still working directly with Mequoda’s clients, training editors how to blog effectively and how to be effective using sites like Twitter and Facebook. The goal is to get editors pumped about their content—to be proud and share their content, interact with readers, build trust, and ultimately build sales.

But even more importantly, and hopefully why you’re here—I’m working with my own clients to accomplish those same goals. Here are some of the key projects I’ve been working on lately:

Search Engine Optimizing an Existing Blog

I have a client right now who has an existing site, loaded with content, but is just realizing now that it’s not doing them any justice, because it was never written to be found in search engines.

So I’ve conducted keyword research and every article in their database is being re-titled and the content is being re-written with the injection of targeted keywords.

Creating New Content to Get Picked up In Search Engines

I have another client who has never had a blog to accompany his website. This client offers services and products, but couldn’t find a need to create new, fresh content, until he read online about how much easier it is to get picked up in Google when your content is constantly being updated.

With this client, we’ve come up with niche keywords, and I’m filling his blog up regularly with new, optimized advertorial content that is meant to sell his services and products.

Social Media Marketing

A new and exciting client of mine is a restaurant owner who was looking to get in touch with his customers, after he read a bad review of his restaurant on Yelp.

We’ve taken to the streets with Yelp, Twitter, Facebook in addition to the most popular geolocation applications, FourSquare and Gowalla to get as connected as possible to every person who walks in their door.

Since we started our campaigns, word of mouth has been booming. He’s been interviewed for local magazines and websites, business has quadrupled, and even a few famous chefs have come in to see what all the hype is about!

Since I’m a foodie, I’m going to tell you right here and now, that I’d love to work with more restaurant clients!

Advertorial Copywriting

For a handful of clients, I’m currently working on selling their products, services, and brands. I’ve been writing promotional emails, landing pages and reviews. With my background in web design and graphic design, I’ve also been pulled in on a few direct mail project that couple both the copywriting and the design.

Guest Blogging

I write for a lot of sites on a lot of topics. I’ve been doing everything from technology and gadgets to air purifiers and even taking a trip to Croatia. I’ve also started working with Livestrong as a contributor along with eHow and Answerbag as a professional researcher. I have a collection of articles also on Mashable.com and Mequoda.com. You can see pretty much everything I’ve written in the past two years right here on Amander.com.

So What Else Can We Do Together?

Let’s brainstorm. What are you trying to accomplish? Do you want more business? Yes, of course you do.

That’s why I’m here and it’s a good thing you found me, because Audience Development is what I live and breathe. Every day there are new strategies cooked up for getting people to your site, in your door, and taking out their wallets.

Let’s not fool ourselves, it’s about money, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

The only reason you should hang your head and put your tail between your legs is if you’re still using old methods to get new business.

Let’s collaborate and get people coming to you. Here are a few of the ways you can get in touch with me. If you prefer email, that’s fine. If you prefer the phone, also fine.

Choose your most comfortable method of contact and give me a holler: