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Watch the 4.5 hour LOST series finale at McFadden’s in Providence

Those who are waiting to get their hearts broken and brains shaken up by the LOST series finale can do it tonight in one big kumbaya circle at McFadden’s in Providence.

Foodtrip: Grabbing the 5 best weiners in Providence

Rhode Islanders can’t agree on anything when it comes to our treasured hot weiners. The spelling and the nicknames (anyone up for a Gagger?) are notoriously disagreed upon. But what’s even more controversial is what defines the “best” weenie joint in Rhode Island.

Ebisu Providence: Shabu Shabu and Japanese Tapas

Ebisu is one of those food joints that everyone is starting to discover, and there are three very good reasons to try out this hidden gem over on Pontiac Ave in Providence: Asupara Maki (bacon wrapped asparagus), Chili-Garlic Edamame and Shabu Shabu.

The Duck and Bunny = Beer, Bunnies and Blankets

The Duck and Bunny in Providence offers a cozy intimate setting for a light snack and comfortable conversation. Oh, and cupcakes!

If your idea of a perfect night includes snuggling up with a blanket, drinking a cup of tea, and quenching your sweet tooth with a bite-sized cupcake, there’s a new “snuggery” in town called The Duck and Bunny.