Amanda MacArthur is a speaker, author and professional blogger specializing in business marketing, technology, small business management, and restaurant development. She has been hired to teach social media strategy, content development and search engine optimization to media companies across the country and her marketing programs have been taught all over the world. 

Amanda is currently a founding partner at BuzzFarmers, an audience development company in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Amanda is not currently accepting any new clients. To discuss possible future projects, please send an email to amanda (at) buzzfarmers (dot) com or send a friendly tweet to @amaaanda.

Freebie Friday: Discover The 9 Most Profitable Subscription Website Business Models

Like any other business, subscription website publishing relies on getting your website taxonomy exactly right. Information architecture isn’t easy to understand – people earn special college degrees in order to grasp it! But subscription websites are different from ecommerce, event, retail, or a dozen other kinds of websites. And you simply can’t learn about subscription website taxonomy from those.

Increase Website Conversion Rates 4500% with Mequoda 3C Architecture

Consistent channel conversion architecture, when applied to a publishing website, is a fancy way of saying that every channel (or blog topic) consistently aligns with a product that converts the user into a subscriber or paid user of your website.

Freebie Friday: Download Our Brand New Digital Magazine Publishing Handbook

Most publishers today approach the idea of digital magazines with hesitation, lacking background or experience to guide them in this wholly new enterprise.

Our brand new Digital Magazine Publishing handbook, however, answers all of the questions most publishers have, and even some they probably haven’t yet thought of.

How The Top Five Magazines on Twitter Got So Popular [+ Video]

How the top five magazines on Twitter got so popular — not to say that this is definite list of every publisher, but according to our research, these publishers are an impressive bunch to analyze. They also have brand advantage so it’s true that they don’t have to try as hard, but just remember that an annoying, boring, or useless feed will drive followers away no matter who you are. We were happy to see that all of the top publishers on Twitter didn’t resort to auto-tweets but actually talked back to followers sometimes too.

Direct Website Traffic Stays Longer

According Talking New Media, “three months of data from comScore finds that readers that enter a news website directly spend about three times as long on that site as those that come via a search engine or though social media such as Facebook.”